Couples Counseling in Portland, Oregon

A date is bought; a relationship is built.

Have you ever second-guessed you made the right choice? Have you lost your friendship? Do you feel like you’re competing on different teams rather than being partners? The conflict or “rough patch” you’re experiencing may be growth trying to break through. This can all be solved through couples counseling.

Engaging in couples counseling is the insurance policy to ensure a happy, lifelong commitment to one another. Relationships grow and change just like individuals in new phases of life. It is crucial to understand your relationship roles so you can grow together. Whether your goals are to strengthen communication and conflict skills, rebuild a fractured relationship, or prevent future obstacles, I will help you navigate the road together all from Portland, Oregon. 

I can help you and your partner, increase or rediscover intimacy, improve communication and conflict skills, learning to balance demanding work/life schedules, explore next steps in your relationship (marriage, children, buying the house, etc.), navigating co-parenting or blending their families, and becoming new parents.

Every relationship takes work and intention to succeed

“The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely.”

- Yung Pueblo

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