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Therapy for the ambitious, confident, and *basically* composed woman.

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For Women with Their shit Together

(For the most part)

You’re killing it—and that’s no surprise to you!

You’re organized, capable, and the go-to person for just about everything, and that’s part of the problem…

It seems no one can do it quite like you, right? So, the lists keep building, and you spend those late nights just “handling it.” Delegate? Sounds nice in theory, but when you do, it often turns into more work (with follow-ups, corrections, and hand-holding) than if you had just done it yourself.

Plus, you fear being labeled as ‘naggy,’ ‘bossy,’ ‘particular’—or heaven forbid, a martyr—just for wanting things done right. Because who else is going to ensure everything is up to par, if not you?

You’re exhausted

(and it’s no wonder why)

Feeling depleted yet?

Considering the constant mental sprint you run daily, it’s no wonder resentment is starting to build—at home, in your relationships, and across every aspect of your life. And somewhere along the line, you might have accepted this as ‘just the gig.’ Being a woman, a wife, a mother is… well, it’s often a raw deal, isn’t it?

The endless stream of articles and social media posts might try to validate and even normalize this exhaustion as just part of being a modern woman, but let me be the first to offer you a lifeline and say: It doesn’t have to be this way!

You’re certainly not alone. Many women find themselves overwhelmed and effing burned out by the constant stream of to-dos, but here’s the good news: With the right support and strategies, it’s not only possible to ease this burden—it’s entirely achievable to transform it into a life of balance and fulfillment.

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During your free phone consultation, we’ll discuss the reason your seeking therapy and determine if working together is a good fit. During this visit, we’ll schedule your first session.

Hi, I'm Stassi


I’m a driven overachiever, self-sacrificing helper, and therapist for women who, like you, are in a constant rush to tick off all the to-dos and are all too familiar with the phrase ‘burned out,’ yet still get the job done. 

You’ve mastered concealing your struggles, but I’m here to transform that ‘I must do it all’ mindset into ‘I can finally breathe’ energy, helping you align your internal state with the calm, composed exterior you present to the world.

Through tailored therapy sessions that blend humor with serious, impactful work, we’ll challenge the mental blocks that keep you stuck. We’ll tackle the impact of societal expectations and the personal pressures—like workplace, household, and family responsibilities—that add to your mental load. 

We’ll identify these systemic pressures and craft strategies to alleviate them, enabling you to manage your mental load effectively, set empowering boundaries, and communicate your needs without guilt.

As a result, you’ll learn to articulate your needs clearly, gaining receptivity and support, while also reclaiming guilt-free ‘me time’ to finally drop the to-do list and take a break. This transformation will shift you from feeling stressed and irritable to experiencing genuine ease and joy, enhancing your wellbeing and positively impacting your relationships.

Ready to start feeling as calm, cool, and collected as you always manage to look? 

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“The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely.”

- Yung Pueblo

Ready to get started?


During your free phone consultation, we’ll discuss the reason your seeking therapy and determine if working together is a good fit. During this visit, we’ll schedule your first session.

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