30 Basic Affirmations To Boost Your Confidence [2021]

By Stassi Betcher

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I know, I know—it sometimes feels like “woo woo non-sense” to just say some words to yourself and things will change. But here’s the deal—affirmations will boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. Affiliations will also;

1. Reduce stress

2. Improve self-confidence

3. Improve motivation and your future life-quality

Don’t just trust me—ongoing research is finding that using affirmations not only help you now, they can build protection against future stress

Affirmations build protections by boosting confidence and dulling/weakening the stress response when unpredictable situations occur. This allows your brain the capacity to focus on the problem at hand and critically think to find a solution! 

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So what is an affirmation for confidence anyway?

An affirmation is the act and practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment. Fostering the idea that what we say to ourselves dictates our actions, moods, and futures. 

In the US, we mostly *scoff* at the idea that loving ourselves does anything but boost our egos…and inflated egos is something that is generally frowned upon. 

But think of this: if our voice is the thing we carry around all the time, our most constant friend or foe, wouldn’t you want it to believe in you?

confidence affirmation: I'm a bit much and I like that about myself. Quote by Jameela Jamil

If this is something you need help with, find a therapist near you!

Often, (specifically women) think that an inner critic motivates us to be better, push us to think of all mistakes before they happen, and assist us in looking and acting flawlessly. BUT THAT COULDN’T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

An inner critic 


STOPS you from trying hard and vulnerable things,

and convinces you that love is conditional on

how you show up in the world.

So really, if the WORST thing you feel is *cringey* by saying nice things to yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? 

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And what if it could go right?

confidence affirmation: saying is believing

So How Can You Incorporate Affirmations into Your Life?

Step 1: Say your confidence affirmation daily!

Best time of day is right when you wake up, and before you fall asleep—however there is no cap on how often you should say them!

Bonus: say them often, with feeling!

Step 2: Write your confidence affirmation down and put them everywhere!

The more you say your affirmation/mantra, the stronger your mind believes it. Post them on your computer, mirror, night stand, car, fridge, front door etc.

Step 3: Use visualizations

Wanna ace a test? Score the promotion? Picture yourself shaking the hand of your boss when agreeing on your salary. Visualize you sharing with your parents the grade you got and their excitement.

Bonus: Say your affirmation out loud! 

Saying affirmations aloud trigger the reward centers in our brain, with that said, what we say to ourselves is 10x more powerful, and saying it out loud is 40X MORE POWERFUL! 

saying affirmations out loud is 40X more powerful than in your head!

Stating them aloud links the auditory and memory part of our brain together developing neurological pathways to quickly change our inner voice. 

While writing affirmations or saying them in our head delays the development of pathways because you’ve taken away the auditory processing out. 

So How do you Choose an Affirmation?

Before you choose your affirmation, slow down and do some reflection. I’d suggest journaling for about 10-20 minutes if you need an amazing playlist, try this!

Try imaging your future:

What does it look like? How do you feel? How do you feel about yourself? Who’s with you? How are you treated by others? Where do you work? How often?  Do you have money, children, pets? Where do you live? Own or rent housing? Is it by the beach, city, mountains, river? What do you drive? How do you spend your time?

I’ve cultivated 30 of the best affirmations out there to boost your confidence and gain the future you’ve imagined. 

You need to believe them to get the benefits so choose ones that make your heart 

skip a beat or your gut says, THAT ONE! 

Now that you have your intentions, go forward and find one or two the resonate with you and your aspirations!

confidence affirmation: all the tools I need are within me.

Affirmations on Confidence:

  1. I believe in myself and know I will accomplish my goals
  2. I express confidence in everything I do
  3. I am capable and confident
  4. I breathe in awareness and breathe out confidence 
  5. All the resources I need are within me
  6. I speak my mind and feel confident in my words
  7. I am passionate about my goals and I have the tools to complete them
  8. There is nothing I can’t handle
  9. I will overcome any challenge 
  10. I am badass and feel my confidence growing everyday
confidence affirmation: I release negative criticism and embrace confidence and joy

Confidence Affirmations on Self-Love:

  1. The ONLY approval I need is my own
  2. I am able to handle any task
  3. I am joyful and confident
  4. I validate my fears and doubts and try confidently anyway
  5. My exact strengths and creativity are unique to me
  6. I am enough
  7. I am a good person and people like me
  8. I am deserving of good things
  9. I am intelligent and capable 
  10. Asking for help is a gift I give to myself
  11. My success, weight, look, or tidiness does not measure my worth 
  12. I am the Mother of my body and soul and I feel nourished daily
  13. I am deserving of love regardless of what I give to others
  14. I let go of all my limiting beliefs about my success
  15. I release negative criticism and embrace confidence and joy
confidence affirmation: wealth and abundance flow effortlessly into my life

Confidence Affirmations on Money & Success:

  1. Wealth and abundance flow effortlessly into my life 
  2. My success is unlimited and I attract success wherever I go
  3. My success comes from being honest and authentic in everything I do
  4. I surround myself with positive people who believe in my success
  5. I have been able to accomplish all my goals in life and I know success will continue to come to me
if you're not full of yourself, who are you full of? Quote from Oprah

If you found a few that resonate with you, write them on sticky notes all over the place, state them to yourself daily and OFTEN and watch magic happen!

I can’t wait to see how these positively impact your life—come back and let me know how you’ve manifested your future!

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About The Author

About The Author

Stassi is a Licensed Professional Counselor serving ambitious womxn in the Portland-metro area. She believes connection is the driving force to healing and therapy creates the building blocks for change.

Stassi got her Bachelor's Degree at the University of Oregon in Psychology. She then attended Columbia University where she earned a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling, a Master of Education in Psychological Counseling, and specialized in Multicultural Counseling.

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